4 ways to be spontaneous in Sydney

Sometimes you sit on the couch on a Saturday morning thing, well bugger, I want to do something, but can’t be bothered deciding on what to do! Well, here’s how I go about choosing something last-minute & fun in Sydney!

1. Think of a food you’re craving. Now go have the best of it.

I’m always craving something, whether it’s a burger, a shake, a healthy salad, or a craft pale ale. First thing to do is go online and figure out where Sydney’s best ‘insert craving here’ is and make a road trip out of it! Some examples:

  • Craving Nutella? Go to Tella Ball Dessert Bar in Dulwich Hill
  • After some lollies? Head to the Leura Lolly Shop and stop at the various Blue Mountains sights on the way
  • Want a delicious craft beer? Take a trip up to Murrays Brewery in Port Stephens for an amazing selection & stop in at Nelson Lighthouse while you’re there

Don’t even get me started on where the best burgers in Sydney hunt will take you (separate post later perhaps!).

The most delicious shake…

The point is, it’s a starting point. Even if you don’t agree it’s the ‘best in Sydney’, the spontaneous investigation is all you need for a good weekend! I look to sites like Weekendnotes, Buzz Feed & Concrete Playground as a start. I’ve been to the most amazing places on the search for the seafood platter with my Ma & my next challenge is to find the best high tea!

2. Make a bucket list

I always keep a list on hand that I add to constantly. It’s filled with experiences I see on Pinterest, TV or hear people talk about. The idea is close your eyes, point your finger and whichever item it lands on, you do!

My bucket list

3. Let music lead the way

I’m a huge lover of live music, but unfortunately the Sydney music scene can get a bit crowded. And late! So how about driving to a different town to watch your fav band? Go to Triple J’s gig guide and find a band that you like. Then see if they’re playing in any towns other than Sydney. Then go on a road trip to see them! It’s an excuse to get out of town but you’ll have an excuse to get out & about once you’re there.

The Urthboy gig only led me to Oxford St but it was an adventure regardless!

4. Let the dog lead the way

Some of my best weekends out have been led by what I know (or assume) Chelsea will want to do. Whether it’s a smoothie at the dog beach at Curl Curl, a bush walk at Beauty Point in Mosman, or a picnic at Kirruba Point in Cremorne… Our doggy beach searches have even led us all the way to Blacksmith’s Beach near Lake Macquarie.

Beauty Point bushwalk. Technically not off-leash but no one seems to care
One of our road trips north to Blacksmith’s Beach
Blacksmiths. A friend happened to bring their jet ski!

Got any other suggestions on how to find something to to do in the weekends? Let me know!

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