Why I endorse Pokemon Go & how to make your own rules

So if you haven’t had a go at Pokemon… Go, then you’re showing your age. Or the fact that you have a life & better things to do!

But in all seriousness, I for one don’t think Pokemon Go is all that bad… if you don’t count the people getting run over/finding bodies/being robbed. But they’re just idiots and this is just a new form of natural selection (let them go, its nature).

I’ve seen so many kids down at our local park, running around trying to find the next Pidgybatletsir. They’d otherwise be sitting playing FIFA & becoming obese & Vitamin D deficient. Its encouraging people to walk 2-10km in order to hatch an egg. Its getting people talking to each other, there’s a knowing look I get from fellow Pokemoners (is that the word?) at the dog park while we scan the trees.

Due to my epic ability to multitask, I’ve managed to fit Pokemon Go into my everyday activities. Its even encouraged me to go walking when I would otherwise be more interested in the newest episode of ‘place mundane TV show here’. I actually don’t think I’m playing it right, I know the rules are to trade in your Pokemon & go and battle it out at a gym, but all I really want to do is collect all the pretty ones, the fishies are my fav. It reminds me of a time my bestie decided to ignore the rules of Risk & just take all her troops to Brazil to enjoy Carnival, even though that wasn’t her task & would most certainly lose her the game.

The fun is in making up the rules yourself & ignoring the instructions. Going somewhere you’ve never been before & not caring what anyone thinks when they tell you you’re a nerd or you’re doing it wrong.

And lastly, I’m inclined to endorse Pokemon Go due to the fact that the name of this blog is The Sporadic Expedition. Which perfectly describes the game. I went on a detour home to go via a Pokestop, what’s more sporadic than that?

Here are my various encounters with the little buggers. Chelsea doesn’t share my affinity for the random creatures in our kitchen. One even appeared whilst I was writing this blog! Its a sign!

Zubat following me bushwalking
Just hanging out with Dratini at the dog park
I should be talking to Toni, but Pidgey appeared!
Ok Pidgey, I’ve already got you. Bugger off.
Pidgey, FFS! Get out of my wine!
Zubat watching me wash up
Pidgeotto about to take off with the dog
Zubat, you’re boring me
WTF Pidgey, I thought I told you…

Why do I think its a great addition to the world?

  • It gets people off their couch and to their nearest park or landmark
  • Hack says its good for your health (so it must be true)
  • It gets people talking to those they normally wouldn’t bother with. Someone actually met their wife through augmented reality. Weird, but a positive nonetheless!
  • I’m a digital designer by trade so anything that’s augmented reality is pretty awesome in my book and way better than console games
  • You don’t have to follow the rules to be entertained. You can set your own challenges like finding the most Pokemon or going to as many places as possible to find them

And now a joke from (unexpectedly) my sister-in-law Amy: “How do you get Pikachu on the bus? You Poke-him-on”. Hilarious.

Go fourth and Poke….him-on.

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