Greenwich Baths & petit bushwalks

I’m in a super lucky position in that my job is very close to my home. And also pretty lucky that there are countless numbers of hidden gems close by. I try to make an effort to get out of the office as much as possible during my lunchbreak. And I’m glad I have, because there are so many interesting nooks & crannies in the area.

I stumbled upon the below little beauty this week. Seeing a sign for ‘Greenwich Baths’ spiked my interest, so I made a spontaneous detour and followed.

Low & behold, Greenwich Baths are actually kind of cool! An ocean pool with a mini beach, complete with lane markings, recliner chairs & a kiosk (only open from October onwards).

Apparently they have events there, such as a Valentines Day movie night, which I’ll definitely keep on my radar for next year. What a view!

Movie night at the baths. Image: Weekend Notes

I found a little bush track to the left of the baths which looked interesting. It ran adjacent to the harbour so you have constant water views.


Not a bad view for a lunchbreak!


When I got to the top of the track – check out this viewing platform! There’s a grassed picnic area at the top and its leash-free for dogs! I’ll most definitely be coming back here with Chelsea & Wally for a picnic.


Do love a Sydney city skyline!
View from the picnic spot at the top

What I once thought was the ‘bad side’ of the harbour, turned out to be full of surprises. I now have multiple lunch spots to choose from! Never be afraid to take a random turn – look at what you can find!

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