5 best off-leash areas in the Lower North Shore

I’m forever scouring the internet for good places to take my dog. She basically comes everywhere with me, so I make sure i do a bit of research if we ever go for a picnic with friends, or to the beach, to see if there are leash-free zones. So I thought I’d share some of the best places I take her.


This is by far the best dog park I’ve come across in the Lower North Shore. Its 2 football fields and a cricket field that are lovingly cared for by the greenskeepers, incidentally one who owns a dog himself who he brings to the fields most days (what a life!).
It is 100% leash free, the only restriction being when you get to the bushland under the bridge which they’re trying to rejuvenate and encourage bush wallabies to! The other end features a boat ramp & picnic area and the dogs can have a refreshing swim after their walk.
The only time its not so appropriate is in summer when cricket is on Sat & Sun and there are other sports in the evenings from around 6. However there’s so much room you can still take your dog, I just keep clear as Chelsea is a huge fan of balls and running kids so she’d end up as an extra team member on the field. Parking is also a bit rubbish at these times.
  • Watch out for the midgies in summer – they’ll get ya!
  • There are toilets, fountains, plenty of sticks, dog bowls & doggy bags, everything you need for a walk!
  • Its not fully enclosed but its so big you should be able to catch your dog before he gets to the road!


This is an historic graveyard which is now a leash-free dog park. Most of the graves are from yonks ago and they’ve kept most of the tombstones for decoration, but it can get a bit spooky there at night if no one else is there! There will always be another dog at this park and its almost fully enclosed, bar 4 small openings in the fences. Its one of my favourites because its actually quite interesting reading about the history of North Sydney if you get bored of your dog rolling in mud.

Complete with water bowls & doggy bags.


Any north shore dog owner would have spent a fair bit of time here. Its a small non-wave beach with a stormwater outlet, hence why its reserved for the doggies! its not enclosed, but once the dogs are in the beach they don’t really want to go anywhere else! Its supposed to be leash free only before 8am or after 4pm, but I’ve been there at all times and the dogs are always leash-free.


There are toilets, dog bows, doggy bags are few & far between & on nice day there will be someone who sets their picnic up right next to the beach so if you have a labrador wait until you get down the steps to let them off the leash!


This is a great little spot, leash free, but a little on the small side. I like it because there’s a spot near the boat shed that the doggies can access the water and its nice just to sit on the water front with a beer. Its more or less enclosed by a water inlet & a hill but there is access to the road so keep an eye on your pooch. There is also often personal training but they’re used to dogs so won’t go too mental if they come and say hi.
Great to grab some Oportos, grab some beers at the bottle shop and just chill while your dog has a swim.


This little gem of a lookout is great for both dogs & humans. Its a small reserve & lookout that features a Sydney City skyline and amazing views of the west side of the harbour. There’s never usually anyone here and its off-leash. You can walk down a little track to Greenwich Sailing club & through to Greenwich Baths. Although there’s no dogs allowed in the baths themselves, there’s a couple of little spots outside the fence where people swim with their pooches (probably in the off-season just in case its not allowed).


Check out my blog page on Manns Point here.


I find it a lovely spot to grab some lunch & chill with your doglet while you pretend the passing super yachts are yours.


If you have any other suggestions for great dog parks, in or out of the North Shore, please let me know!

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